aiida.backends.tests documentation



This function returns the db_test_list for the current backend, merged with the ‘common’ tests.

Note:This function should be called only after setting the backend, and then it returns only the tests for this backend, and the common ones.

Parser tests

Tests for specific subclasses of Data

class aiida.backends.tests.parsers.TestParsers(methodName='runTest')[source]

This class dynamically finds all tests in a given subfolder, and loads them as different tests.


Return True if the string (that will be the folder name of each subtest) is a valid name for a test function: it should start with test_, and contain only letters, digits or underscores.

aiida.backends.tests.parsers.output_test(pk, testname, skip_uuids_from_inputs=[])[source]

This is the function that should be used to create a new test from an existing calculation.

It is possible to simplify the file removing unwanted nodes.

  • pk – PK of Calculation, used for test
  • testname – the name of this test, used to create a new folder. The folder name will be of the form test_PLUGIN_TESTNAME, with PLUGIN substituted by the plugin name, with dots replaced by underscores. Testname can contain only digits, letters and underscores.
  • skip_uuids_from_inputs – a list of UUIDs of input nodes to be skipped