aiida.backends.tests.engine.daemon package


Unit tests for the DaemonClient class.

class aiida.backends.tests.engine.daemon.test_client.TestDaemonClient(methodName='runTest')[source]

Bases: aiida.backends.testbase.AiidaTestCase

Unit tests for the DaemonClient class.

__module__ = 'aiida.backends.tests.engine.daemon.test_client'

The maximum length of socket filepaths is often limited by the operating system. For MacOS it is limited to 103 bytes, versus 107 bytes on Unix. This limit is exposed by the Zmq library which is used by Circus library that is used to daemonize the daemon runners. This test verifies that the three endpoints used for the Circus client have a filepath that does not exceed that path limit.

See issue #1317 and pull request #1403 for the discussion