aiida.manage.database.delete package


Function to delete nodes from the database.

aiida.manage.database.delete.nodes.delete_nodes(pks, follow_calls=False, follow_returns=False, dry_run=False, force=False, disable_checks=False, verbosity=0)[source]

Delete nodes by a list of pks


The script will also delete all children calculations generated from the specified nodes.

  • pks – a list of the PKs of the nodes to delete
  • follow_calls (bool) – Follow calls
  • follow_returns (bool) – Follow returns. This is a very dangerous option, since anything returned by a workflow might have been used as input in many other calculations. Use with care, and never combine with force.
  • dry_run (bool) – Do not delete, a dry run, with statistics printed according to verbosity levels.
  • force (bool) – Do not ask for confirmation to delete nodes.
  • disable_checks (bool) – If True, will not check whether calculations are losing created data or called instances. If checks are disabled, also logging is disabled.
  • force – Do not ask for confirmation to delete nodes.
  • verbosity (int) – The verbosity levels, 0 prints nothing, 1 prints just sums and total, 2 prints individual nodes.