AiiDA Sphinx extension

AiiDA defines a Sphinx extension to simplify documenting some of its features. To use this extension, you need to add aiida.sphinxext to the extensions list in your Sphinx file.

WorkChain directive

The following directive can be used to auto-document AiiDA workchains:

.. aiida-workchain:: MyWorkChain
    :module: my_plugin

The argument MyWorkChain is the name of the workchain, and :module: is the module from which it can be imported. By default, the inputs which are not stored in the database are also shown. This can be disabled by passing the :hide-unstored-inputs: flag.

The aiida-workchain directive is also hooked into sphinx.ext.autodoc, so if you use the corresponding directives (automodule, autoclass), it will automatically use the aiida-workchain command for WorkChain classes.